Our culure is crying out for leaders. Leaders who will rise up in adversity with a vision to navigate the narrows.  This leadership module deals with change. It challenges individuals to lead a life of intention and build with purpose to become a solution in a world of challenge. This Module is 2-3 sessions.


Steve's 30 years as a prophetic trainer has created 4 dynamic and interactive modules. Each module contains 4 teachings. Participants will learn the basic of prophetic ministry as well as unique activational methods tested in classroomss around the world.  The goal is to build confidence in the prophetic and to be challenged to step out to mine the hidden treasures of those around us.  A fun training that mitigates the fears associated with hearing God's voice.

Prophetic Life Map

The Prophetic Life Map is Steve's favorite training tool.  It was developed to assist people in discovery of their unique purpose in God, while mapping out a preferred outcome for life.  Every participant leaves with a Map that serves as a guide to accomplish Role goals and Soul goals set during class.  It has been done in segments of 4-12 hours over a period of days.  A fun filled event with life changing possibilities. Customized processes for unique applications are available.  This course has been taught in churches, training schools, businesses and small groups.


Steve's spent 9 years as a business instructor for an international company, coupled with over 40 years of planting and growing churches.  These experiences have offered innovative thinking and strategies for Businesses, Church and individuals.  Creative and customized training MAP's have been developed and used to assist forward motion in multiple organizations.  Best practices involve following ancient focus on strength, practicality and beauty in building a life or organization.  Sessions with leadership teams are also available. Phone or Online coaching is available.

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